Attraction World Group’s Group CEO, Olly Nicholls, to Mentor Travel4Purpose Founder Shammi Shah 

Attraction World Group (AWG), a leading global travel and leisure company, is pleased to announce that Olly Nicholls, its Group CEO, will mentor Shammi Shah, the founder of Travel4Purpose, as part of Women in Travel CIC’s Male Allyship Network.  

Travel4Purpose is a ground-breaking social enterprise, focused on positive impact and purposeful travel experiences. Through Olly’s support for Women in Travel CIC, a prominent social enterprise promoting gender equality and wider diversity in the travel industry, he will assist Shammi in raising awareness for Travel4Purpose and providing guidance on expanding the brand’s reach across Africa and beyond. 

Travel4Purpose aims to redefine how people travel by offering transformative experiences that benefit local communities and promote sustainability. By curating purpose-driven trips, Travel4Purpose provides travellers with the opportunity to make a positive impact while exploring new destinations. The initiative helps empower women and supports social and environmental causes in various regions through collaborations with local communities and organisations. 

Olly Nicholls, an industry veteran with a strong passion for social responsibility and sustainable travel, has actively supported Women in Travel CIC. Through this partnership, Olly will lend his expertise to Shammi and Travel4Purpose, assisting in raising awareness about the brand’s unique offerings and advising on strategies to have the Travel4Purpose brand known across the globe. 

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to mentor Sham and support Travel4Purpose through Women in Travel CIC,” said Olly Nicholls. “Sham’s vision for purposeful travel aligns perfectly with AWG’s commitment to sustainable tourism and creating positive change in the communities we operate in. I look forward to working together to bring Travel4Purpose to a wider audience and help shape its growth and impact.” 

Travel4Purpose’s website ( showcases its range of transformative travel experiences, combining authentic local encounters, cultural immersion, and meaningful contributions to social causes. By travelling with Travel4Purpose, individuals can embark on unique journeys that support community-led projects, promote social entrepreneurship, and foster intercultural understanding. 

Shammi Shah, the founder of Travel4Purpose, said: “I am so grateful to have Olly as a mentor, I can already tell his guidance is going to be invaluable. Travel4Purpose is on a mission to change the face of travel to be a positive impact, joyful and purpose-led. It is especially out of the ordinary for Kenya, but we’re ready. Welcome on board this adventure, Olly – it’s great to have you!” 

Alessandra Alonso, MD and Founder of Women in Travel CIC, said: “I’m delighted that Olly and Sham will be working together as part of our Male Allyship Network. The initiative is built on the premise that improving gender equity and broader DEI in our industry is a collective responsibility, and it’s wonderful to see Olly and Sham – along with the others in our network – taking active roles in the movement. We find that the programme is a two-way process and enjoy seeing both our mentors and mentees benefit from taking time out of their day-to-day activities to support each other’s missions.” 

Attraction World Group and Olly Nicholls are committed to supporting innovative initiatives like Travel4Purpose that blend responsible travel with meaningful experiences. By providing mentorship and guidance, AWG aims to contribute to the success and expansion of Travel4Purpose while promoting sustainable tourism practices globally. 

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About Travel4Purpose 

Travel4Purpose is built with a mission to provide positive impact travel experiences within Kenya. All the trips we organise have a positive impact – both socially and environmentally. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in local culture, make a difference and explore Kenya authentically, this is the right place! 

 To find out more visit, or @travel4purpose on social media. 

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