Attraction World Group launches The Development Hub in partnership with ITT Future You 

Attraction World Group (AWG), headquartered in Birmingham, is thrilled to announce the launch of The Development Hub by AWG – a pioneering initiative aimed at cultivating talent within both the organisation and the wider industry with a specific focus initially on the West Midlands. The Development Hub by AWG stands as a testament to our unwavering belief in the importance of learning and personal growth as cornerstones of professional development.

With The Development Hub, we’re making a strategic investment in the future of our workforce and the wider area/industry. Our ambition is to create a dynamic environment that nurtures the careers of interns, placement students, and industry entrants, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed.

Our commitment to nurturing grassroots talent has long been a pillar of our business philosophy, with our impact already evident through robust partnerships and educational contributions at prestigious UK universities such as University College Birmingham, the University of Birmingham, the University of Wolverhampton, and Manchester Metropolitan University. The Development Hub is set to expand these efforts.

At AWG, we’re proud to adopt an inclusive recruitment strategy for The Development Hub. We’re not just looking for experience; we’re looking for individuals who share our ethos and show outstanding potential. We believe in unlocking opportunities for those with a passion for the travel industry, and we’re excited to welcome the next generation of travel professionals to our team.

Collaborating with ITT Future You, which marks its 15th anniversary, The Development Hub is a fitting extension of ITT’s mission to act as a conduit between academia and the travel sector. This partnership aims to foster growth both within AWG and the wider travel industry.

Claire Steiner, Chair of the ITT Education and Training Committee commented on the initiative saying “Future You are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with AWG on this exciting new initiative. As a Future You Ambassador, Olly has been amazing in giving his time and support to help encourage and inspire the next generation as well as providing opportunities for students with AWG and Tia is a fantastic example of the talent emerging from education. The Development Hub is a fantastic evolution of AWGs commitment to supporting the next generation of travel professionals. ”

Tia Ghai, EMEA Experiences Manager at AWG and the visionary behind The Development Hub, reflects on the project’s significance: “Having started as an intern myself, it’s incredibly rewarding to see how my journey can inspire and shape a platform for others. With Olly’s support, we’re amplifying what AWG excels at—cultivating a nurturing environment and professional development, but now on a larger scale.”

This initiative arrives at a critical time for the travel sector, which faces challenges in talent acquisition. With few travel firms based in the West Midlands, AWG’s location provides a unique advantage for The Development Hub to tap into the local academic talent pool. The aim is to elevate the travel industry’s profile in the Midlands and, in time, nationally.

Olly Nicholls Group CEO of AWG commented “As CEO of AWG, I’m proud to endorse the launch of The Development Hub, a testament to our pledge to champion learning and professional evolution within the travel industry. Our vision for the Hub extends beyond training; it’s about reshaping the talent landscape across the West Midlands. The industry is at a crossroads, especially here where major travel brands have departed, leaving a void. We are seizing this opportunity to diversify the talent pool by tapping into the rich potential of our region’s youth.

This is more than just investment in skills; it’s about fostering an environment where varied experiences and backgrounds converge, fuelling innovation and a broader perspective essential for the travel industry’s growth. By prioritising potential and aligning with our core values, we’re creating pathways for those who might not have traditional access to the sector, ensuring that the West Midlands becomes synonymous with a vibrant, diverse travel industry talent hub.

The Development Hub will serve as a beacon, demonstrating how the travel industry can thrive through inclusivity and by embracing a wider array of voices. Together with ITT Future You, we are not just predicting the future of travel; we are actively building it, right here in Birmingham.”

Both AWG and ITT Future You are dedicated to paving the way for success for individuals eager to carve out a career in travel or those within the industry seeking to enhance their skills.

About Attraction World Group 

At Attraction World Group (AWG), we’re the UK’s leading experiences provider, offering an array of unforgettable attractions worldwide through our diverse portfolio, including Attraction World, Experience Connector, and TixGroup. With Attraction World, we supply over 100,000 travel agents globally, ensuring adventure awaits every type of traveller. Striving to be the epicentre of connections, Experience Connector aims to become the world’s first experience GDS, fostering synergy among major suppliers and creating a global distribution network.

Our TixGroup division, home to brands like FloridaTix and AttractionTix, focuses on delivering optimal and seamless ticketing experiences for attractions worldwide. We’ve forged strategic partnerships with renowned brands like Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, and Merlin Entertainments, allowing us to offer a diverse range of thrilling experiences to a global audience. Based in Birmingham, UK, AWG is poised for global expansion over the next five years, driven by our commitment to consistently deliver exceptional and memorable travel experiences, guided by our core values of thinking big, exceeding expectations, authenticity, collaboration, and a future-focused approach. Connect, travel, repeat – that’s what we’re all about! To find out more visit  

About ITT Future You

Celebrating 15 years in 2023/2024, ITT Future You is an initiative started by the Institute of Travel and Tourism (ITT) in the UK. It has become ‘The’ Annual Student Travel Conference and provides an insight into the Aviation, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry. With over 30,000 attendees at its free events since launching, ITT Future You is a launch pad for young industry professionals and gives students and graduates, ideas & inspiration for their future careers.


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