Attraction World Group (AWG) Partners With NexTriper  

Attraction World Group (AWG), one of the world’s leading B2B experiences providers, are pleased to announce a partnership with NexTriper that is set to strengthen their experience offerings globally. The partnership will mean NexTriper procuring a range of activities, theme parks and attractions from AWG in order to expand and will bring brands like Disney, Universal, Merlin, and SeaWorld to a new audience.

With the recent launch of Attraction World Group’s Theme Park Connector, AWG can now connect distributors to all the best theme parks around the world, through one API, in a rapidly growing market. Working with AWG’s one API philosophy, NexTriper will be able to book these theme parks in real-time with date and time availability, as well as dynamic pricing with multi-currency functionality.

Eloise Myrie, Head of Client Success, at Attraction World Group, advised: “It is great to see that trust and belief are being put into AWG as a valuable partner and we are committed to offering the best products and deals for NexTriper to further grow their customer base and online presence.  Our leading theme park products can provide NexTriper with a real unique point of difference in the global OTA world and I am very excited to see what we will be able to achieve together.”

Olly Nicholls, Group CEO at Attraction World Group, advised: “Attraction World Group is thrilled to announce our partnership with NexTriper, a collaboration that will enhance our global distribution into new and exciting markets. Through this exciting venture, NexTriper will procure a diverse range of activities, theme parks, and attractions from AWG, expanding our reach and impact. This partnership will introduce renowned brands such as Disney, Universal, Merlin, and Sea World to a fresh audience. Leveraging AWG’s one API philosophy and our new Theme Park Connector channel manager, NexTriper will have the ability to book these remarkable theme parks in real-time, providing users with up-to-date date and time availability, dynamic pricing, and multi-currency functionality. Together, we aim to create unforgettable experiences for travellers worldwide.”

Nirav Majigamkar, Managing Director at NexTriper, said: “In the tourism industry there is importance of collaboration and partnerships, we emphasising that working together can achieve greater success than working alone. NexTriper team is thankful, and this experience will be more enjoyable even will bring unexpected blessings and opportunity.”

About Attraction World Group  

Attraction World Group is the UK’s leading experience ecosystem. Since its creation, Attraction World has enabled over 13 million customers to pre-book worldwide attractions, confident in the knowledge that they are supported by an incomparable customer service team.  

With its team of attractions experts and industry-leading technology, Attraction World Group is uniquely positioned to help its travel partners grow their sales of attraction tickets. They offer an unrivalled range of theme parks, sightseeing tours, theatre shows, experience days and other activities in over 30 countries around the world.  

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About NexTriper 

Largest online B2B marketplace connecting travel suppliers with an extensive inventory of worldwide flight, hotel, tour, transfers and sightseeing to expand your business overseas.  

Established in 2018, accompanies a loyal and steadfast presence in UAE and Asia since then it’s evolving with record-breaking footprints. NexTriper’s functional ‘business to Customer’ policy upsurges customisable tourism packages directly to travellers at their doorstep. We set out to provide you with worldwide coverage, from flights, hotels and attractions linking you to all corners of the globe. 

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