Attraction World Group (AWG) Partners With isango

Attraction World Group (AWG), one of the world’s leading B2B experiences providers, and Global OTA, isango!, are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership. This partnership will see isango! procuring a range of activities, theme parks and attractions from AWG, to further strengthen their global supply in a variety of destinations.  

This exciting new partnership will bring brands like Disney, Universal, Merlin and SeaWorld to a new audience. Working with AWG’s one API philosophy, isango! will be able to book these theme parks in real-time with date and time availability and dynamic pricing, with multi-currency functionality. 

Isabel Beckermann, Commercial Director at Attraction World Group, advised: “It is great to see the trust and belief isango! are putting into AWG as a valuable partner, and we are committed to offering the best products and deals for them to further grow their customer base and online presence. In particular, our leading theme park products can provide isango! with a real unique point of difference in the global OTA world.  I am very excited to see what we will be able to achieve together”. 

Olly Nicholls, Group CEO at Attraction World Group, advised: “We’re excited to share our new partnership with isango!, a brand that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for over a decade. Our one API philosophy allows OTAs like isango! to easily access all global theme park products without the need to integrate with multiple APIs and marketplaces, making the process hassle-free. The industry has undergone significant changes due to COVID, and our new B2B business model offers various working options, including the use of AWG as a channel manager. There’s a lot of talk in the industry about “exclusive” channel manager agreements with theme parks that are simply not true. What is true, however, is that no one offers the breadth of theme parks through a single API, with dynamic pricing, real-time availability, and the flexibility to work in either a wholesale (with AWG handling the contract) or channel manager capacity (keeping your contract while using our API) like AWG. Our 18 years of experience in this industry are invaluable, and we’re constantly proving why that matters”.

Vinay Gupta, Head of Isango, said: “We look forward to the promising partnership with AWG that will give isango! access to a wider product inventory for its consumers.”

About Attraction World Group 

Attraction World Group is the UK’s leading experience ecosystem. Since its creation, Attraction World Group has enabled over 13 million customers to pre-book worldwide attractions, confident in the knowledge that they are supported by an incomparable customer service team. 

 With its team of attractions experts and industry-leading technology, Attraction World Group is uniquely positioned to help its travel partners grow their sales of attraction tickets. They offer an unrivalled range of theme parks, sightseeing tours, theatre shows, experience days and other activities in over 30 countries around the world. 

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About isango!

isango! is a 13 year old brand, serving its customers with curated products from over 400 destinations across the world. isango! works with over 800 partners worldwide and channel partners like AWG help isango! bring some key product virtues to its customers, like instant confirmations, best pricing options, some marque product options.

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