Attraction World Group (AWG) CEO Is Selected To Speak At IWTTF 2023 And Joins The Women In Travel CIC Male Allyship Network

Attraction World Group (AWG) are delighted to announce that CEO, Olly Nicholls, has joined the Women in Travel CIC Male Allyship Network and will be speaking on “The BIG Neurodiversity Conversation” at the International Women In Travel and Tourism Forum 2023 – walking attendees through his own journey with Neurodiversity, as well as sharing his 20+ years of travel industry experience. Backed by nearly 30 industry leaders, the Male Allyship Network is a programme that aims to engage, embrace and enrich the talent of women, by offering mentoring and sponsorship opportunities, with a particular focus on those from underrepresented groups.

 Oliver Nicholls, CEO at AWG, said: “I am thrilled to announce my involvement with the Women in Travel CIC Male Allyship Network and my upcoming participation in the International Women In Travel and Tourism Forum 2023. Joining the Male Allyship Network is a significant step for me personally and professionally, as it aligns with my deep-rooted belief in the importance of diversity and inclusivity within the travel industry. By sharing my own journey with Neurodiversity and leveraging my 20+ years of experience in the travel industry, I aim to contribute to “The BIG Neurodiversity Conversation” at the forum. It is an opportunity to raise awareness, foster understanding, and promote acceptance of diverse perspectives, including those related to Neurodiversity. I look forward to connecting with attendees at the International Women In Travel and Tourism Forum 2023, sharing insights, and collectively working towards a more inclusive and equitable future for our industry.”

Alessandra Alonso, Founder and MD of Women in Travel CIC and IWTTF, said: “Olly is a successful and influential leader within the travel and tourism industry and a powerful ally to neurodiverse individuals. At IWTTF he will share his personal story and the challenges he has overcome to be where he is today, demonstrating that neurodiversity is no barrier to success. He is also amplifying the message that neurodiverse talent should be actively embraced by companies in the sector. We know that neurodiverse people in the room will be empowered by his example and message of inclusion.”


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Attraction World Group is the UK’s leading experience ecosystem. Since its creation, Attraction World has enabled over 13 million customers to pre-book worldwide attractions, confident in the knowledge that they are supported by an incomparable customer service team. With its team of attractions experts and industry-leading technology, Attraction World Group is uniquely positioned to help its travel partners grow their sales of attraction tickets. They offer an unrivalled range of theme parks, sightseeing tours, theatre shows, experience days and other activities in over 30 countries around the world.

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Women in Travel CIC is the UK-based, award-winning social enterprise dedicated to empowering all women – using travel, tourism and hospitality as a ‘force for good’, based on the belief that empowered women thrive and in turn, foster thriving communities. Women in Travel CIC partners with employers and charities to provide all women – especially those who are marginalised, vulnerable, and underrepresented – with visibility, confidence, access to training, mentoring, as well as allyship programmes, eventual employment and enterprising opportunities.

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